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Amazon takes on AirPods with its own true wireless headphones

Amazon Echo Buds
(Image credit: Amazon)

If you were to think of wireless headphones, chances are you'd picture Apple AirPods. But it looks like Amazon wants to stake its claim in that market as it has unveiled its own true wireless headphones: Echo Buds. The announcement came as part of Amazon's Fall 2019 Hardware event, along with news that it was also launching its own smart glasses

From Amazon's point of view, breaking into the wireless headphone market makes total sense. Apple's AirPods are so popular that in 2018 alone it sold 35 million units. You might've even purchased some for less with the help of our Apple AirPods deals page.

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And while AirPods will usually set you back $159, Amazon looks set to undercut Apple with an RRP of $129.99 for the Echo Buds. The pair are equally matched when it comes to battery life too, with both giving five hours of music playback per charge. Meanwhile the Echo Buds charging case can hold up to 20 hours of charge.

Amazon Echo Buds

Expect to see a lot of the Echo Buds in the future... (Image credit: Amazon)

Complete with Bose's Active Noise Reduction Technology and a sealed in-ear design, Echo Buds promise to deliver a crisp and immersive sound. They also provide hands-free access to Alexa, leaving users free to stream music, play Audible books and make calls more easily. And with a tap, Echo Buds can access other voice assistant such as Apple's Siri and Google Assistant.

The Echo Buds will be officially released on 30 October, but you can preorder yours from Amazon now.

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