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Clever carousel showcases architectural services

Diehl Group Architects is a boutique architecture firm with a stunning digital presence. Its beautiful site features a scaling carousel with black and white imagery and clever elevator pitches.

On initial load, the navigation is discreetly positioned at the bottom, letting the carousel take centre stage. It then fixes to the top as you scroll through the site.

"Our goal was to bring their story to life by structuring the site like a book, beginning with a visually immersive cover page followed by a long vertical scroll to display the content," says Matt Taube, the developer at RVMBLE, the collective responsible for the site creation.

"We decided early in the process to use SVGs to make the site resolution agnostic," explains Taube, touching on a challenge facing many designers these days.

"We knew it would be a bit of a challenge, because web standards are still catching up, but we felt it complemented the nature of DGA's work - and we enjoy pushing limits."

  • Jenn Lukas is the interactive development director at Happy Cog. She also blogs regularly about web development at The Nerdary.

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This showcase was originally featured in .net magazine issue 236.