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Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales From A Big Man

Described as one of the most sought-after speakers in North America, Aaron Draplin is founder and figurehead of the Draplin Design Co., which counts Nike, Esquire, Timberline and even the Obama Administration among its past and present clients.

Tour organiser Keri Newman said in a press release:

"Just a regular American guy with a trajectory a little dirtier than yours, his [Aaron Draplin's] talk is open to all oncomers brave enough to show up. If you are a youngster, you may find yourself inspired to attack your design future in a different way.

"If you are established, you may just leave feeling grateful you don't have anything to do with him. Hard to say. Oh yeah, there's door prizes for those he deems 'Real Good!' and he'll will reward them on the spot, just because."

Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales From A Big Man poster

Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales From A Big Man poster

Aaron Draplin's two date tour kicks off at 7pm, Tuesday 29 November at 4th Floor Studios in London, before moving on to Manchester on Wednesday 30 November. The Manchester event kicks off at 7pm in Islington Mill, Salford.

Tickets to each event are priced at £12.50 per person plus booking fee. Limited edition Draplin screenprints will also be available on each night.

To watch Aaron Draplin in action, see Why America Is Fucked on YouTube.