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Apple logo revamp: Computer Arts readers react

Computer Arts readers have responded to our call for thoughts on Apple's new multi-coloured logo - and they make for interesting reading:

"Bring this colour stuff back to your icons in OS X" - David Kessler

" I think sometimes colour is a more powerful brand element than even shape. While I like the idea, the color scheme reminds me of the multi color Windows logo" - Jim Payne

"For all those devoted Mac fans since foreva-eva... perhaps you forgot they used to have the coloured Apple icon for years that Steve had commissioned to 'humanise the company' and he even picked the order of the colours so that the green on top for the leaf. Steve also introduced the coloured iMacs. The coloured icon is just as iconic as the monochromatic icon and I, for one, think it's a great tribute to the man who so greatly changed the world we live in" - Heather Legg

"It looks like the spinny beachball of death too much" - Patterns For Colouring

Back to the future: Apple logos through the years by sister site Gizmodo UK

Back to the future: Apple logos through the years by sister site Gizmodo UK

"I have nothing against the new / old colourful logo, but I'd rather the grey ones that appear to me more conservative serious and still fashion and modern" - Anderson Moreira

"The oldest logo looks way better than the new one" - Dries Lambrecht

"I think that Steve Jobs never would approve this! But whatever" - Lucas Critchi

"Am I really one of the few people who actually likes it? I think it's a nice reference to their roots" - Ruud Renssen

"I like how Apple's logo now looks 'Windows-y' and Windows 8's logo looks 'Apple-y'... ha ha" - Mark H. Evans

"Horrible! Keep it minimal apple!" - Johnny Delap

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