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Beard of the Week: Nik Roope

"Just to be clear," Nik Roope said when contacted him about being Beard of the Week, "I've not just leaped on the beard-waggon. I've fostered facial hair for over a decade. The only time my wife has seen skin was one Movember, when I carved out a moustache for the month."

We asked the Poke founder and creative director three, face-rug related questions:

Computer Arts: Describe your beard in six words?
Nicolas Roope: Refuge for small birds, insects, crumbs.

CA: Top three bearded tyrants?
Blackbeard, Hitler – I think of it as a tiny beard rather than small moustache – and Attila the Hun – his beardy style now popular among Hell's Angels.

CA: You pitch for a dream job. The client will only work with if you shave your beard off. It's a dealbreaker. What do you do?
NR: It'll grow back.

Find our more about Nik and his beard on Twitter: @nikroope

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