CA Inspiration - 1 November

I wouldn't normally bore anyone, ever, with what I dreamed about last night, but last night I dreamed that I got home from work and realised that I'd completely forgotten to do an inspiration blog. I felt awful about it. So here's today's; send things for tomorrow's via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Sarah Huston Funbox Sunglasses

Sarah Huston - Funbox Sunglasses

Salomon Ligthelm - Gravity - via Rash Ferguson

Sarah Underwood Circus Animals

Sarah Underwood - Circus Animals

Noelia Lozano Paper art

Noelia Lozano - Paper art

Gareth O'Brien - Teen Nick Halo Awards - via Oliver Sin

My Poor Brain My Poor Brain Display

My Poor Brain - My Poor Brain Display font

Al Mercado I Hate Everyone Of You

Al Mercado - (I) Hate Everyone Of You

Typoster Ampersand by Baskerville

Typoster - Ampersand by Baskerville - via HoBoJoBo

Ugmonk Premium Wood Ampersand

Ugmonk - Premium Wood Ampersand - via Notcot

Lara Lee - My Favourite Animal - via Andy Martin

Jan Janeczek Nike Shoez

Jan Janeczek - Nike Shoez