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Create a dynamic online Flash portfolio

There are many ways to publish your work online, but if you'd rather have more control over the look of your portfolio than Flickr, MySpace or the web export in Adobe Lightroom allows, this could be the solution.

You need a solution that's easy to add to, change and update, so I've developed a system that you can build upon and customise. By the end of this series you will have created a portfolio to which you can add new sections, see thumbnails for each section and flick through images and associated information.

Firstly you will build a mechanism similar to the good old slide carousel projector. Then you'll use the metaphor of the photographer's light box as a way to display thumbnails of your selected images. Finally I'll show you how to add multiple sections to your portfolio. Each stage will leave you with a functional movie, so let's get started with part one.

Click here to download the support files

Click here to download the tutorial for free