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Creative Type in Photoshop

Something cryptic occurs when type is used in a different fashion to its designed purpose. A font used as a texture will obscure a message, rather than clearly communicate it. This technique can etch a variety of emotional scenarios into your imagery.

In this tutorial, the type will be reminiscent of a lost memory that can just barely be recalled. You will learn how to sculpt fonts so they seem to disappear within certain elements of the layout. The written word will become a part of the imagery, rather than a well-placed label used for identifying its surroundings.

Sometimes the perfect font for your image just isn't available within your roster of type styles, and so it's useful to incorporate photographs of type; we will resurrect a font that was etched into a gravestone over a century ago. Our photograph contains the perfect gothic style needed for our overall design, and learning this procedure will arm you with the ability to trace or create your own font.

Click here to download the tutorial for free