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The designer Christmas gift guide, part six

'Tis the season to start fretting that you haven't done all of your Christmas shopping yet and wondering if the gifts you have got are completely inadequate and the recipients will hate them and, by extension, you ... But it needn't be. Check out the latest in our series of gift guides.

Spiderpodium (£14.95)

The Spiderpodium is a proper gadget. It may look like a flash pipe cleaner but it's actually multi-function stand that bends and twists into a holder for virtually any handheld device. Now available in Christmas colours.

Harry Potter prints (From £49)

Harry Potter boffins and typography aficionados alike will be thrilled to find one of these in their stockings. Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina are the duo behind the graphic art on the – seemingly endless – film franchise, and they’ve unveiled some new limited edition, numbered, embossed and signature-stamped prints. Magic.

Mango bikes

You can customise virtually every aspect of a Mango bike: including frame size, handle bar type, saddle type, pedals, chains and the colour of all of those things. Order now and you'll get yours in time to have wheelie competitions on Christmas morning.

Vjay (£1.99 iPhone / £6.99 iPad)

Fancy yourself as the next DJ Yoda? Give Vjay a whirl. The app for iPhone and iPad created by Algoriddim, lets you to mix, scratch and mashup video footage. It also allows direct TV display, wireless streaming using Apple TV and you can record your performances live to share on social networks.

D&AD 50 (£34.99)

Next up, a book covering the last half a century of the D&AD Awards. The ceremony, honouring outstanding achievements in design and advertising, shares its best entries in a yearly book. In this anniversary volume, each of the past 50 years is represented by a D&AD president who shares their favourite creations.

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