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Discipline Journal: interview with editor Jack Robinson

Discipline is a stylish and polymathic new London-based publication covering everything from art and design, to music and film, to fashion and interiors and beyond.

Computer Arts caught up with editor Jack Robinson to find out more:

Computer Arts (CA): Tell me about the background of Discipline and how it came together, and also your background and how you got involved?

Jack Robinson (JR): "Discipline is the first publication from Blink Productions in London. Blink is a production company that has a number of divisions that cover quite a few specialities including film advertising, music videos, music production, fashion film, art & design, installations, exhibitions and so on. A few of us from these different divisions wanted to bring our combined skills to create something new that reflected the breadth of our interests and provides us with a platform to talk about our world."

"I studied typo [sic] and graphic design at LCC [London College of Communication] but soon found myself within commercial film production and eventually Blink. Having come from a graphics background I was always interested in how various creative disciplines inform and collide with each other, especially nowadays."



CA: Tell me about the magazine's design and front cover?

JR: "We approached Rob Boon and Dave Lane at Inventory Studios early on. They were fantastic and helped us solidify the identity of the magazine while capturing the humour of Blink as a company was very much a part of the brief. We wanted to achieve a lo-fi but hi-end quality that was tactile and lovely to hold, which is why we worked with Fedrigoni's uncoated papers."

"For the cover we commissioned Kyle Bean to interpret the theme of the issue 'Power Lunch'. Kyle came up with the swiss cheese and drill idea and made them entirely out of Fedrigoni papers. As [designer] Rob Boon says, "Kyle is known for working with more than just paper, but we thought it was a great medium for this piece as it could be shot beautifully but also reveal a little about how it was made."



CA: What makes Discipline different from other magazines?

JR: "We wanted a fresh take on a traditional arts and culture publication with an emphasis on media and communication. We wanted it to be an interesting read whether you were in 'the industry' or not. So we looked at people making fantastic work within the industry – like director and illustrator Quentin Jones – but also included features like our fashion story with Adam Bainbridge from Kindness or our interview with Michael Hemus one of the inventors of the Plumen lightbulb."

CA: Who should be reading the magazine and why?

JR: "Anyone who's interested in the people behind projects in the creative industries, whether that's film, art, design, music, fashion, interiors, dining and more."

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