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Do you get paid enough money as a designer?

Salaries are notoriously low in the creative industries, and while there are plenty of people on the big bucks, there are plenty more being paid a pittance.

Your salary, or how much you charge as a designer, could be affected by anything from experience, skillset and sector to studio size, location and even your gender. So how do you know whether you're on a fair wage?

In issue 223, on sale 9 January, Computer Arts will be tackling the awkward topic of money head on, covering everything from what sort of salary you can expect at different levels and how much to charge as a freelancer, to how to negotiate a better wage. We'll bring you all the facts and figures you need to know – but are rarely discussed. (To ensure you get a copy, you can subscribe here.)

What do you think?

As part of this money special, Computer Arts would like to know your thoughts, theories and experiences: do you get paid enough? Should designers earn more? Are you skills being fairly valued by your employer or clients?

It's all part of a wider debate: what value does design really have – and how can you measure it?

Please let us know your thoughts, theories and experiences in the comments section below. We'll print the best ones in the magazine.