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Get our first issue for free!

It's possible that you may not have noticed, but our 200th issue went on sale last week and put us in the mood for celebration. We've given away a free font, we've put together a frankly brilliant playlist of songs from 1995, when the first issue of Computer Arts went on sale, and now to cap it all we're giving away that entire first issue of Computer Arts for free through Apple Newsstand.

It's been a fun process - these days the entire magazine gets sent to press as PDFs, which are easy to turn into digital editions, but back then we used to output the magazine in QuarkXpress format to film separations, which would then be checked over before being sent to the printers. We have the first issue of Computer Arts archived on a set of interestingly organised CDs, but recreating the magazine from them would be close enough to impossible to put us right off even trying.

Luckily, though, we have an actual copy of the magazine, so instead we opted for the obvious solution - we got it scanned and reassembled as a PDF, which has turned out very nicely indeed and looks amazing on an iPad. So, if you want to read about how to burn your own CDs, find out what Neville Brody thought of the web in 1995, or maybe learn about the world's first CG feature film, Toy Story, and you want to read it all in a format that would have seemed like witchcraft to our 1995 colleagues, you're in for a treat. Grab it today!