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Get to the top of Google

Every business needs a website these days. And if you type a few design-related searches into Google, it can feel like every designer in the world already has a site. How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Don't expect to put up a website and have it replace all the other marketing you already do, but note that many people have abandoned phone directories in favour of finding companies online. You're advertising to people who already want what you have on offer, so you can expect your site to bring in business, as long as people can find it. There's no secret technique: it means building a good site, structuring it correctly and telling the right search engines and directories about it. You might want to spend some money buying keywords on the search engines too. But don't go too far: we'll show you the search engine strategies you need to avoid because they'll get you banished from the listings.

There are three things that really matter for doing well in search results: the content you have, how accessible it is and which other sites link to you. They also matter the most to your visitors. Building a site that people want to look at, find easy to navigate around and find their way to from sites they already enjoy will give you good results on search engines - because the search sites are built to find the sites their visitors will value. It's easy to forget about common sense in all the hype and technology, but as always, it's really about good design.

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