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GS 2012: Team Pixel Pi: Pulse

Name: Larissa Fuchs, Leanne Roed, Maxwell Hannaman, Michael Cooper and Richard Harrison aka Team Pixel Pi

College: Vancouver Film School

Course: Game Design

Category: Mobile & Interactive

About the project

"Pulse is a first-person, suspense / survival game in which you play as a young blind girl named Eva. First person? Blind? What's the catch? Eva uses a process similar to echo location to 'see' her environment. Sounds in the world allow her to imagine what the area looks like, and in turn allows the player to navigate," says Team Pixel Pi

"With the aid of cute, fuzzy, although stupid creatures called Mokos, Eva must create enough sound to solve the challenges of the world, while being careful not to alert the more dangerous forest creatures."

"Pulse won the Unity Award for Best Student Project at the Unite 2012 conference."