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Hate Mail from Mr Bingo

'Cardiff is a shit hole', 'You'll never amount to anything' and 'You're a loser and you have a fat back'. If you read our interview with the man back in the January issue of Computer Arts, you'll know that these can only be messages from Mr Bingo's Hate Mail postcard service. Personalised abusive postcards have proven so popular that tomorrow a book will be launched collecting together 100 of the best pieces he's sent out.

"Last year I sent a postcard to a stranger called Jonathan Hopkins. It said on it "Fuck you Jonathan, fuck you and fuck your shit legs". People seemed to be into it so I opened a service on my website, inviting strangers to pay me in return for an offensive postcard addressed to them, or whoever they ordered it for," explains the pen-and-ink illustrator.

Now that he's got over 400 such postcards under his belt, Penguin is publishing the best of them in Hate Mail. Selling for £6.99, Mr Bingo envisages it to be an ideal book for your downstairs toilet, or a Christmas present for your favourite pet. The launch will be held on 25 October in London, at an event entitled Mr Bingo's Piss-up in a Brewery. Guests will be able to get a copy of the book and can drink the illustrator's own limited edition beer, Hate Ale.

It's an open event, so if you're on Facebook click here to find out more.