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Image of the day: Ringo in Pink by Yoni Alter

Computer Art: Tell us about Ringo in Pink ...
Yoni Alter:
I do a lot of personal work that revolves around icons, minimalism and pop culture. The subjects are always things I love. So when I felt like doing something with the Beatles, I quickly realised that some of their album covers are iconic enough to be reduced to merely the members’ silhouettes, and still stay recognisable.

CA: How did you put the project together?
It felt like everything fell perfectly into place. I got a lovely array of compositions, substantially different from one another – including a blank one. Then I needed to decide if and how to give it some colour.The Sgt. Pepper outfits seemed like the perfect solution. I love bold and vibrant visuals and was waiting for a good excuse to use fluorescent inks.

CA: How create such a striking final finish?
To make the fluro colours pop out even more, they're printed over an opaque white layer onto a lovely Colorplan Natural paper. Rather than a grid, I arranged them in such a way as to be subtly reminiscent of the original albums' format and tactility.

Check out more from Yoni Alter on his website, Cargo and on Twitter.

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