Inspiration Gallery - 01 February

I saw a thing today that isn't quite gallery material, but that I have to point you at before it's all over the internet and you're completely sick of the sight of it. So here it is: Space Stallions. Gleefully mining an 80s cartoon vibe in the style of Thundercats and Battle of the Planets, it's a lovely piece of work from The Animation Workshop that people will inevitably demand be made into a proper series. Don't do that; enjoy it for what it is. And with that, here's the gallery and a request for things; send them via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Patrick O Leary Spirit

Patrick O'Leary - Spirit

Gaetan Billault Live Drawing

Gaetan Billault - Live Drawing - via Ferg Flannery

Polynoid - Rebird - via Alex Cook

Victor Berbel Berbel Serif

Victor Berbel - Berbel Serif

James White Drive

James White - Drive - via Sara

Jack Hughes Untitled

Jack Hughes - Untitled

Musclebeaver - Glckskette - via Sara

Tom Muller Logos brand marks and identities 2000 2011

Tom Muller - Logos, brand marks, and identities 2000-2011 - via Ollie Hoff

Project Arthur Things You Own End Up Owning You

Project Arthur - Things You Own End Up Owning You

Zoey Hardwick Diamond Eyes

Zoey Hardwick - Diamond Eyes