Inspiration Gallery - 09 February

It's a good mix of things today, including a bit of typography, a little identity work and plenty of video, and I seem to have a nice pile of things queued up for future galleries. Don't let that stop you submitting something even better, though; as always via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Vasava Vasava Coin

Vasava - Vasava Coin

Andy Martin - Credit Expert "Rainbow"

Jan Erlinghagen Fana Typeface

Jan Erlinghagen - Fana Typeface

Anthony Peters Eames Quote

Anthony Peters - Eames Quote

RealtimeUK - Release Your Imagination - via Sara

Roy McCarthy FreshFest

Roy McCarthy - FreshFest

Daniel Clarke - Chronopolis

StudioGaro Space Exhibition

StudioGaro - Space Exhibition

Rosie Roche - Omnium Gatherum

Damien Bradley Digital Damnation

Damien Bradley - Digital Damnation