Inspiration Gallery - 12 January

Is that the time? Heck! No time for a proper intro; just an exhortation to keep sending things! You know the score, but for form's sake I'll just remind you to send stuff via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Chris Bassett Untitled

Chris Bassett - Untitled

Gerd Arntz Isotype

Gerd Arntz - Isotype - via Karl Moser

The Studio of Williamson Curran - Words in Motion - via Tom Jennings

Finnian MacManus Godmother

Finnian MacManus - Godmother

Box head Munro House

Box-head* - Munro House - via Isaac Stott

Ahmend Taouti Urbans

Ahmend Taouti - Urbans

Khris Cembe - Birdboy - via Andy Martin

Eric Cahan Sky Series

Eric Cahan - Sky Series - via Oliver Sin

Years Cubes Poster

Years - Cubes Poster

Tom Ralston Wes Anderson Triptych

Tom Ralston - Wes Anderson Triptych