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Interface Design

Macromedia has recently launched the latest incarnation of its powerful Director application. For those of you who haven't used the tool before, Director is a multimedia tool for building rich content and applications for CDs, kiosks, DVDs and the Internet. For those of you who are seasoned Director veterans, you'll find some great new features in this release, including scripting in JavaScript syntax, pre-built components, adding DVD-Video, publishing to both PC and Mac and importing Flash MX 2004 content.

The CD in this tutorial is aimed at journalists who want to browse and download photos. The best way to build a CD or DVD interface is to create the elements in Flash before publishing the finished product as a projector file from Director. We'll walk you through how to build the Flash interface, import the files into Director and finally, how to burn the CD. It's easier than you might think, and trust us, your clients will be impressed!

Click here to download the tutorial for free