New work from Jimmy Turrell

What a lovely surprise we got when we opened this package from Jimmy Turrell. The graphic artist recently completed the artwork for the band Yellowfire and treated us to a limited edition album and a cell from the video. The band gave him free reign with the packaging so he was able to really go to town with his design. "I managed to get die-cuts, fluro inks and metallics all in the same piece of artwork," he grins. He also worked on the band's video, creating an individual screen print for every single frame. Each album comes with a cell from the video.

We asked Jimmy some questions about the project

CA: Please tell us about the album cover, what was the brief/concept?

JT: The general concept was based around the themes of introspection, and reflections on relationships that have come and gone. Bigger themes such as the power of unity and family were also brought into the mix

CA: What influenced your design?

JT: In terms of direct influences I sat down and chatted to the artist, Olly Beach, and bounced ideas around that we both thought could work. I've always loved artists like Brian Gysin and Burroughs, and Cut Up Theory is a major influence on my work. The juxtaposition of two images to create a strange third meaning (which is often very subjective and personal) is something I used a lot within this project. Because the album is a limited edition of 2000 and only available online I decided to really try and push the boat out when it came to the packaging. As Yellowire are a new band we thought it was important to make an impact from the start. In terms of production I managed to get fluroresent and metallic inks and die-cuts, which is definitely a first for me!

CA: Briefly talk us through your creative process, how did you create this. Did you start with sketches or digitally, and then what did you do?

JT: I always start with sketches - then I flesh it out by sourcing imagery and exploring different techniques. I used a series of analogue processes here from screen printing to hand made collage. Then the work is transferred into the computer digitally and concluded from there.

CA: What was the most challenging part of the project?

JT: I guess the video was the most challenging part of the whole process. I worked with video director Marcus Lyall on the video for STARLIFE which was painstakingly put together using a series of processes without a special effect in sight. Over 60,000 individual frames were created using a number of different (analogue) print techniques. Each frame was then cut by hand and photographed before being reanimated into a video.

CA: What elements of the project are you most proud of?

JT: I think the video because, as an exercise, I havent really seen it done before. And the album sleeve as it came out better than I had hoped when when I was first commisioned. I was given a huge amount of creative freedom so that really helped.

CA: How long did the project take you from start to finish?

JT: Six weeks all together.

Take a look at the making of Starlife, the last single from Yellowire

And the video...

Jimmy is represented by Heart Agency and currently works as an illustrator in London. You can find him and more of his lovely work here

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