Own a colour

Visit the Own a Colour website and in exchange for a donation of £1 or more, you can put your name to one or more of the 16.7 million colours in the 24-bit Truecolour spectrum. The site was designed by Feed London for paint company Dulux and displays a matrix of coloured triangles - click on a pink one, for instance, and you can choose one of the hundreds of pinks available.

If your colour is free you can buy it

If your colour is free, you can buy it.

When you've picked your pink, you can attach your name and a comment to the colour and then leave your donation. The site launched this week and has already raised over £55,000 for UNICEF.

Once you ve selected a colour decide how much you want to donate

Once you've selected a colour, decide how much you want to donate.

Donations will be used to fund various projects UNICEF runs around the world including free vaccinations for children, water purification and anti-malaria measures. Because there are so many colours people can lay claim to, there's the potential for the site to raise tens of millions of pounds.

When we looked the UK was in the lead of donor tables by a long way

When we looked, the UK was in the lead of donor tables by a long way.

So, all that's left to do is ask: what's your favourite colour? If you decide to donate, let us know what colour you chose by commenting below.