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Photoshop to Flash

Have you ever struggled to bring your Photoshop artwork into Flash? Designers have previously been restricted to exporting bloated PNG24 files or JPEGs and then having to laboriously reassemble them in Flash.

With the arrival of Flash CS3, however, this long-winded and painful approach is thankfully now history.

The PSD Importer has been born. You can now bring PSD files into Flash and retain the layer information. Layers are created on the timeline in Flash, which match their originals in Photoshop. You can optimise each layer element and retain editable text, layers can be selected and converted to movie clips and instance names can be added - all within the Importer dialog box.

The beauty of this approach is that layers converted to movie clips can have the full creative powers of Flash applied to them. The PSD Importer will save you time - time you can now use to concentrate on creating stunning artwork, interactivity and animations using Photoshop and Flash.

Here you'll learn how to optimise your layers, create movie clips and add some video interactivity to a fictional movie site, The Far Gorta.

Click here to download the support files (5.2MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free