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A-Side Studio's The Hub mural

The mural spans two floors, from the street level bar to the first floor restaurant, with the aim of leading punters into the undersubscribed upstairs seating area. "The client was after a classic 'St Ives' landscape beach scene, which always ring alarm bells," says co-founder and director Alex Rowse.

The studio's solution was to add an urban twist to a traditional theme and concentrate on the erratic jumble of buildings that gives St Ives its personality. The result is layer upon layer of houses, artists' studios, stairs and shops, stacked up and peppered with skate ramps, pens, pencils and waves. "And of course the iconic harbour, boats and lighthouse help set the scene," adds Rowse.

"We measured the irregular space and planned up the illustration on-screen," explains partner Ross Imms. "Then, using large format black-and-white prints, we transferred the lines onto the wall using white spirit. We laid the foundations with interior emulsion, and added texture with spray paint and detail with posca pens"

A-Side has an inspiring variety of projects, ranging from branding work to illustration. The studio has a distinctive style and keen eye for colour, which is demonstrated in its most recent project designing the campaign material for Port Elliot festival.