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Sleight of hand and slick transitions: stunning new Honda ident

Analog and Nexus have produced a captivating new ad for Honda. The collaboration between the creative studio and production company, both based in London, sees some of the automobile and motorcycle manufacturer's most recognisable inventions recreated as miniature models.

From Rubik's cube-esque engines to Russian-doll hatchbacks, the short is a memorising mix of slick transitions and sleight of hand.

The animated idents, which can be seen on Channel 4, are the work of directorial duo Smith & Foulkes, commisioned by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

"Although we have slightly different backgrounds," Analog's Mike Merron says, "we have all always had one foot in visual effects. We focus on quality of our output and making sure our artists have a good time working in our studio.

"It's a very competitive market but since Analog is owned and run by artists we feel we are far more flexible and versatile than many of our competitors. Our strengths are photo realism, problem solving and storytelling."

Analog was responsible for FX animation, compositing and grading, as well as many practical aspects of the shoot. Modeling duties were shared with Nexus, with the production company also providing character animations and secondary, physical movements of the objects.

Check out the full video below: