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Three ways to boost your website’s page rank

Know your search terms

Most people use search engines to find a solution to a problem they have – from finding a plumber to fix a leaky pipe to finding a designer who can meet their logo and branding needs.The trick is to marry up the services you offer with the search terms people use.You can find out what they are using with Google’s AdWords keyword tool.

Define your keywords and phrases

What you’ll discover from the Google AdWords keyword tool is that it’ll return thousands of entries for particular key words and phrases, ranked in order of popularity. While it’s tempting to pepper your blog posts and pages with the most popular terms, you’ll get better results (and more paying customers) if you pick out the keywords and phrases that most closely match your offer.‘Graphic design’ is better than ‘design’, for example, but ‘Manchester graphic design’ (if you’re in Manchester, that is) is even better.

Put your keywords and phrases to work

Once you’ve decided on the terms that you want to use, you need to work them into your website’s title tags, headings URLs and more. But avoid stuffing blog posts with too many phrases – 10 per cent or less is best.