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HOW DESIGNERS WORK: Lucy Evans on her illustration challenges

Lucy Evans is a London-based illustrator whose work focuses on the viewer being able to lose themselves in a moment of fascination and curiosity. She’s worked with the likes of Vertu and JC Rags.

Here, Lucy talks to Creative Bloq about her inspirations, her imperfections and allowing time for the finer things in life...

QUESTION: What inspires you?

Music and people inspire me the most. But also things like interesting weather or a new experience. I believe we are subconsciously inspired by little things throughout everyday life.

QUESTION: What’s a typical day like for you?

When I'm not freelancing in a studio, my typical day will consist of waking up about 8am and getting up about 9am. I will no doubt have had a late night working.

I reply to emails whilst eating breakfast and then procrastinate 'til about 11am, because I struggle with being creative in the morning at home.

I eat lunch whilst researching and coming up with ideas; walk the dog in the hope it will induce some more inspiration; start drawing because it has somehow got to 4pm, and then get on a roll and don't stop until around 2am.

I work best when it's dark for some reason; I find the night is more atmospheric.

QUESTION: What are the biggest challenges you face in your working life?

One of my biggest challenges is trying to get a piece finished in a suitable amount of time, as I'm very anal about my work and it consequently takes me ages to complete. I'm also very fussy with detail and accuracy. So I normally end up spending longer than I should perfecting images.

If I don't, the imperfections would jump out at me whenever I look at the work. Another challenge is deciding on which concept will best communicate the brief as well as looking the most aesthetically pleasing.

Illustration by Lucy Evans inspired by Florence and the Machine

Illustration by Lucy Evans inspired by Florence and the Machine

QUESTION: What are your top tips for illustrators?

  • Take inspiration from everything you do... Constantly look around and make sure you 'see'.
  • American cartoonist Scott Adams once said: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep" So, don't be afraid to take risks!
  • Finally, do something that brings you joy at least once every day. It will revitalise your mind and put you in a better disposition for work.

Lucy Evans: "Do something that brings you joy at least once every day"

Lucy Evans: "Do something that brings you joy at least once every day"

QUESTION: What do you enjoy most about illustration?

The excitement (and terror!) of a white blank page; the moment of realisation when an image comes together; and seeing first-hand somebody's reaction to a piece.

If you'd like to find out more, you can see the rest of Lucy's work, including her Florence + The Machine collection at

Lucy Evans is also one-twelfth of the illustrator collective Paper Jukebox.