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Are these the emojis you've been waiting for?

new emojis

Your favourite hot beverages get an emoji update

Over the past few years, it seems as though tech-lovers are ditching actual words in favour of emojis. The adorable little illustrations have become hugely popular with iPhone users and social media enthusiasts, with recent additions a few months ago showcasing a more diverse selection.

However, agency Moving Brands still felt some emoji designs were missing. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, they developed a range of emojis that flat white drinking, French bulldog lovin' hipsters will adore. There's even a range of smart devices and Nike trainers.

Whilst these might only tempt the 20-something trend followers, the designs themselves are adorable and so emoji-perfect, we wouldn't be surprised if these designs turn up in the next round of updates. Take a look at their designs below.

Head over to, where you can download all 55 emojis.

new emojis

Moving Brands think we should get rid of the mass of emotions and stick with just these two

new emojis

Moving Brands produce a smaller set of emojis

new emojis

Making way for pugs and French bulldogs

new emojis

Of course there needs to be some tacos involved

new emojis

Smart devices feature in the new emoji sets

[via It's Nice That]

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