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10 of the best advent calendars for 2015

Christmas calendars 2015

Creative treats await behind the doors of these amazing calendars

The countdown to Christmas truly begins on December the first, when the doors to advent calendars get prised open and each day is awarded a little treat.

To help pass the time until the big day itself, we've put together this list of the most original and creative advent calendars. So if you haven't got yours yet, or maybe you fancy a change to traditional chocolate calendars, feast your eyes on these 10 amazing designs.

01. Anorak's Happy Elves

Happy Elves

Pass the time until Chrismas by shading in these jolly elves

The Anorak Press, an independent kids publishing house, have enlisted the help of happy elves for their cartoony calendar. Illustrated by Miguel Bustos from Studio Anorak, 25 little elves are ready and waiting to be coloured in the run up to Christmas.

Artistic and completely sugar-free, simply shade in one elf a day and watch the illustration come to life. By the time you've reached Christmas day itself, you'll have created an amazing print to hang in your little ones' bedrooms.

02. Christian Lacroix's Shaman Night

Shaman Night

This sumptuous calendar is a pop-up treat

Renowned French fashion designer Christian Lacroix created this fold-out advent calendar that truly is a work of art. Complete with pop-up characters including Zebra Girl, Shaman, JungleLeo and Wild Bird, this calendar is surrounded by panels that expand into a 4' tableau.

Underlied with dazzling gold foil, this slim folio turns into a glorious display of whimsical and surreal creatures. Finished off with a hot-stamped Christian Lacroix Paris logo, Christmas has never looked so luxurious.

03. Fortnum & Mason's Wooden Tea

Fortnum & Mason tea calendar

Relax from your holiday shopping with this tea-themed calendar

It's no secret that Christmas is a stressful time. With presents to buy, meals to prepare and decorations to put up, it's important to find time to relax in the midst of all the festive chaos.

To help you unwind, Fortnum & Mason have created this beautifully handcrafted calendar filled with rare teas. Behind the wooden doors you'll find tea leaves from the hills of India, China and beyond. Perhaps you'll find a new favourite blend?

04. Scratch Quiz

Scratch calendar

Test your festive knowledge with this Christmas quiz calendar

Test your Christmas knowledge with this bespoke scratch and reveal calendar. Perfect for the workplace, this charming alternative to regular advent calendars comes with festive illustrations and can be personalised with branding logos and colour schemes.

05. Cadbury's Trucks

Cadbury trucks

These Christmas trucks will visit a new place each day

The anticipation of Christmas and a convoy of huge delivery vehicles seem to go hand in hand, but Cadbury's Christmas trucks have taken the idea up a gear.

Described as the biggest advent calendar ever, the 24 trucks loaded with chocolatey goodness will be cruising through 24 different UK locations in the lead up to the big day, bringing festive goodness to the nation.

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