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Every Apple mouse ever recreated in pure CSS

apple mouse css

Another brilliant example of CSS in web design

These days Apple is usually associated with its touchscreen designs - such as the recently announced iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 with Retina. With all this finger-friendly technology, it's easy to forget about the little mouse sitting next to the keyboard. But Apple has created some of the best mouse designs ever, and it was these designer Josh Bader decided to focus on these little devices with this beautifully illustrated site.

The site depicts each individual Apple mouse design from the very first to the most recent, and the illustrations have been created using markup alone. There's a lovely little transititon as you switch between them too.

Using simple and effective illustration, Bader allows the mice to speak for themselves in terms of design. A great example of CSS in action.

Apple mouse css

apple mouse css

apple mouse css

[via Web Designer Depot]

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