The best Canon R6 price for February 2024

Best Canon R6 price: the back end of the Canon R6 camera
The Canon R6 is a perfect all-rounder camera for the digital creative (Image credit: Eskymaks on Getty Images)

If you want the best Canon R6 price around, this article will help you out. The Canon R6 is a powerful, 20MP, full-frame, mirrorless camera that is ideal for serious hobbyists or professional photographers and videographers that want a versatile camera for all their creative work. And we've got the best Canon R6 deals right here. 

The Canon R6 is one of the best Canon cameras out there, which makes it one of the best cameras. Brilliant for filmmaking as much as general photography, it's also ideal for more action shots, with its breathtaking burst speed and brilliant sensor resolution. Released in 2020, it's still a sought-after shooter due to its sophisticated RF lens mount that delivers lightning-fast autofocus. Lightweight and sophisticated, the Canon EOS R6 offers twin card slots and near-perfect in-body stabilisation.

However, the Canon R6's popularity comes with a downside. Due to the knock-on effects of the pandemic, global electronic chip shortages has had an effect on the most popular camera models out there, and the Canon R6 definitely falls under that bracket. Nevertheless, with Black Friday 2021 upon us, we are still seeing a few good price cuts out there, especially on Canon EOS R6 bundles, so it's worth bookmarking this page if you want to make the most of the best Canon R6 prices right now. 

The best Canon R6 prices right now

Which is better: the Canon R6 vs Canon R5?

Although the numbering would have you think otherwise, the Canon EOS R6 is in fact the more affordable camera of the two. The Canon R5 will usually reach around $1.5k/£1.5k more than the R6, and that's mainly due to the 8K capabilities and ramped up specs. However, the R5 is aimed at the professional with a bit of spare cash to burn. If you're an enthusiast, or a professional that wants a balance between features and price, the Canon EOS R6 is a perfect all-rounder. 

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