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Amazing tattoo reveals UK's most inked cities

UK tattoo

Click this amazing tattoo to see it full size

We've showcased some awesome tattoos in our time on Creative Bloq. But here's something a little different. This amazing infographic-style tattoo showcases the UK's biggest tattoo hotspots, and reveals the most popular body art designs chosen by the British public.

Tattoos have come a long way from being associated purely with leather-clad bikers and surly sailors. In fact, the latest study by Carole Nash reveals that nearly half of people growing up in the 1980s and 1990s have got themselves inked.

Birmingham tops the list with 48% of adults proudly sporting a tattoo, closely followed by Norwich and Glasgow. Geometric designs are popular with Londoners, whereas flowers and letters are big hits in Bristol and Cardiff. Click on the image above to get a closer look at how the UK likes its tattoos, or check out the full stats below.

UK’s Most Tattooed Cities*

  • Birmingham – 48%
  • Norwich – 41%
  • Glasgow – 40%
  • Sheffield – 36%
  • Bradford – 36%
  • Aberdeen – 23%
  • Liverpool – 22%
  • Cardiff – 20%
  • Nottingham – 19%
  • Bristol – 18%

*Percentage of survey respondents who said were tattooed and have more than 6 tattoos on their body.

  • London – Geometric
  • Aberdeen –Polynesian/Maori
  • Leeds – Tribal
  • Liverpool – Memorial
  • Birmingham – Big flower, smaller Celtic and horror designs
  • Norwich – Big Lettering, smaller flowers and animal designs
  • Glasgow – Big Lettering, smaller symbols and animal designs
  • Sheffield – Big Lettering, smaller flowers and animal designs
  • Bradford – Big lettering, smaller Celtic and flower designs
  • Bristol – Big animal, smaller flower and letter designs
  • Cardiff – Big flower, smaller symbols and letter designs

For more information on the survey and a greater look at the country’s favourite tattoos by region, head on over to the Carole Nash blog.

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