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30 Olympic posts every designer should read!

XXI. Rio 2016 Olympic typeface

Olympics Rio 2016 typeface

The Brazilian office of design gurus Dalton Maag is responsible for the creation of the Rio 2016 Olympics font - all 5,448 characters of it. Read the full details in this post by Design Week.

XXII. Animated history of the Olympic Games

Damn Fine Media created a funny and to-the-point short animated history of Spain as part of the Guardian's Euro 2012 coverage - now they've done the same for London 2012.

London 2012 Olympics alternative logo

Merseyside-based designer Roy McCarthy has come up with an alternative Olympics brand for anyone who wants to connect with the games but isn't a major sponsor.

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XXIV. Graphic design students' re-imagined Olympics posters

London 2012 Olympics alternative posters

Third year students on Kingston University's graphic design and photography courses respond to the official London 2012 posters with their own versions...

XXV. Olympic village timelapse video

This amazing time-lapse video condenses the entire construction of the Olympic village into just under a minute. Just in case you're lacking a sense of scale over how big this task was, the village contains 2818 flats catering for 16,000 athletes and officials from 200 countries. More specifically, it's been fitted out with 64,000 bed sheets, 11,000 sofas, 170,000 coat hangers and 5000 toilet brushes.