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30 Olympic posts every designer should read!

VI. The history of Olympic pictograms

Discover how designers have overcome the language barrier over the years by taking a look at this stunning collection of Olympic pictograms. Some great icons are featured, including those created for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games and the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

VII. The good, the bad and the ugly: typography in Olympics logo design

Olympics: Sydney

Director of words and letters at Monotype Imaging Allan Haley provides unique insight into the use of typography in recent Olympics logo designs including those created for the 1952 Helsinki games, the 1996 Atlanta games and the 2000 Sydney games.

VIII. London 2012: Brands race for gold infographic

This cute and quick infographic showcases which Olympics sponsor is generating the most social media buzz with their videos. It was designed by Unruly media using data from Twitter and Facebook.

IX. 12 ridiculous Olympic team outfits throughout history

Image by Vladimir Rys, Bongarts / Getty Images

Image by Vladimir Rys, Bongarts / Getty Images

As we embark upon the 30th Olympic Games, there have certainly been more than a fair share of cringe-worthy opening ceremony outfits. Take a look at this list by Buzzfeed of 12 Olympic attempts that unfortunately missed the mark in the fashion stakes.

X. David Cerny's double-decker bus

Czech artist David Cerny has re-modelled this traditional British red double-decker bus into a mechanical, moving sculpture that carries out push-ups! Complete with struggling sounds, the sculpture was created to celebrate the London Olympic Games.