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QUESTION: You create toys, T-shirts, prints etc. Is there any area you haven’t worked in yet but would like to?

"We’d really like to do something like a cool garden space or similar – creating an environment from the ground upwards. We really enjoy new challenges as well as working with people who do very different things."

TADO: toy characters

TADO is best known for its distinctive character illustration and toy creations but Mike and Katie relish any new challenges put their way

QUESTION: Tell us about what you are working on with British sci-fi orientated comic 2000AD...

"We’ve been working with the guys at 2000AD and Unbox Industries to make a mini version of the Judge Death plush we made back in 2006 for the ‘Zarjaz’ exhibition in London.

We were super made up when they said they wanted to put Judge Death into production

"We were super made up when they said they wanted to put him into production – it's taken a while but he’s finally ready and his release co-incides nicely with the Judge Dredd movie that’s coming out in September."

TADO: Judge Death plush

TADO is working with the guys at 2000AD to create a mini version of the plush Judge Death

QUESTION: What are you working on now and what would you like to have achieved in the next 12 months?

"We’ve just finished working on a whole bunch of Weasels for a very exciting campaign, a TADO-ised motorbike, some fun stuff with the guys at Unbox Industries and Creo Design, and we’re finally getting moved into our new studio after six months of working in our spare bedroom – hoorah!

"As for what we’d like to achieve: as long as we’re still able to carry on doing what we do then and keep on enjoying it then we’ll be chuffed to bits. Anything else is a bonus really!"

TADO: studio

After a six-month stint of working in their bedroom, Mike and Katie now have this gorgeous new studio space

QUESTION: What's the most useful thing anyone has ever said to you?

"Look after each other and keep on laughing at yourselves."