How to craft killer content for a creative blog

In our first article on this subject, we looked at how to design the perfect blog. But that's only half the battle. To really set the blogosphere alight, you need to be crafting killer content for your creative blog.

With Google and the other search engines taking steps to reward quality content, it is more important than ever that your work magic with your words online. But if you’re not a copywriting whizz, the idea of writing great content on a regular basis can be pretty daunting. Even more so, with the threat of Panda - Google’s algorithm targeting poor quality websites - breathing down your neck.

However, finding inspiration for daily posts - and perfecting the way you write them - is easier than you might think. Here, Superdream offers seven expert tips to help you write creative blog posts like a pro.

01. Use SEO tools

Use a free analytics package to discover what search terms people are using to find your creative blog

Google Analytics is one of the best places to find inspiration for your creative blog. Find out what search terms people are using to find your blog, and determine whether your current posts are answering these queries.

Similarly, you can use the Google AdWords Keywords Tool to look for related search terms. This will help you write posts that are relevant to your creative blog and its niche audience, but ones that will also drive organic traffic.

02. Follow other bloggers

Follow other creative bloggers - such as Veerle Pieters at - to get inspiration for your own posts

Other creative blogs are great places to get ideas for your own. What are the big players in your subject area blogging about? Can you add anything to their article? Do you have any extra information or even an opposing view?

Write a follow up post - remembering to link back to the original blogger - and add your own views in to create additional value for the reader. Contact the original blogger and tell them about your piece, too. This can start conversations and will provide additional inspiration.

It's worth taking time to research new blogs as well as your old favourites. You might be surprised at the ideas you come up with.

03. Use social media

Use Twitter's search facility to find out what people saying about your niche subject

Social media, in particular Twitter, is a great place to source inspiration for your creative blog. Using the search feature, identify what influencers in your niche and your followers are tweeting about. What worries them, interests them, amuses them? What is likely to draw them to your blog?

Use this, as well as trending topics and industry specific hashtags, to produce a piece that appeals to them. This will drive traffic organically, as well as producing copy you know people are searching for.

04. Brainstorm with peers

Bounce some ideas around with colleagues - and make sure you take notes

Brainstorm with colleagues, peers and friends. Sit down and bounce ideas around for as long as it takes - you’ll be surprised at the ideas you come up with.

You can either work on specific title ideas, various types of contents, or particular types of stories. Keep this list in an accessible place. Every time you’re stuck for inspiration, you can refer to this list. The best thing about this method is that inspiration will strike you each time you see the list, meaning you’re rarely left without an idea.

As we’ve shown, finding inspiration for your blog is easier than you might think. Use these techniques, as well as some of your own, to make sure your creative blog is never lacking in killer content and regular readers.

05. Make contact with readers

The comments on your posts can spark ideas for future posts, or updates to exisiting ones

Rather than taking a guess at what people want to read, ask them directly. Find out their common questions and concerns, and apply your expertise to help them out. This is a great way to forge relationships with your readers.

Look at the comments on your creative blog to see what people are discussing; this will often make for a very interesting post. Poll your readers via social media, blog posts, and even forums to get some great ideas for future posts.

06. Re-read your past posts

Old posts can soon become the basis for new ones

Often, you won't need to look any further than your own creative blog for post inspiration. Following up on a past post is a great way to produce quality content that appeals to your readers.

For example, you could follow up on a predictions post and say whether you were right or wrong. Go back to a past piece and update it with fresh information, and modernise the story. Blog content is rarely evergreen so reviewing it in this way is a great tip for keeping your blog fresh.

You could also turn an old list post into an infographic, transform an article into a video, or create a podcast from a slideshow seminar. The possibilities are endless, so make the most of the copy you’ve already produced to create more.

07. Follow the news

Search Google News with relevant terms to your subject area to find out what's going on

The local and regional - as well as industry-specific - news is another place to source ideas for your creative blog. Is there something happening that your readers would benefit from knowing about? Can you add a unique angle or piece of advice to the story? Even better, are you able to break a story? This is a really effective way of driving traffic and boost your blog's authority.

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