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Watch the synchronised drops in this space shower!

This 60-second station ident was created for Space Shower TV, Japan's largest music channel. Directed by award-winning director Kosai Sekine, the video is simply stunning.

As it begins, we witness Masako Yasumoto dancing within a shower of synchronised droplets. Her movement is in sync with the water, with music by Jemapur enabling the act to flow perfectly.

No effects needed

The stream of water is actually coming down through the tubes, which are attached to the speakers playing the song. The camera used was set to film the running water in the same timeframe rate as the low frequency wave of the speaker; thus creating the unique optical illusion of the vibrating droplets which often appear to freeze mid-air.

It was shot without a high-speed camera, and with the team choosing to steer clear of any computer graphics or post-processes such as reversing. This is the first video from design collective JKD: we can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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