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Pay what you want for the Design Asset Bundle

What's a musician without instruments or a painter without brushes or a writer without words? No designer should be without their tools and that goes for graphic artists as well. Never be without what you need to create with the Design Asset Bundle, and you can pay what you want for it!

This bundle of assets geared toward graphic designers contains everything a creator could need to get a great start on a new project. From mockups and templates for web design to icons, vectors, fonts, and more for graphics, this bundle is packed to the brim with assets just waiting to be put to work. No matter what your next project calls for, you'll have the tools to get to work on it.

The Design Asset Bundle is valued at $4,682, but you get it set the price you pay for it. Beat the average to unlock everything, get yourself on the leaderboard, or just pay what you can. No matter what, you'll be getting a collection of assets and tools that will be indispensible for your projects.