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Hone your skills by embracing monochrome with ImagineFX

ifx cover

Our very special monochrome edition reveals how you can change your perspective and open up new possibilities by taking out colour.

See how Charlie Bowater's striking cover art was created and how removing colour from the equation can force you to see your art in a new light by making you focus on value, space and texture.

Want to know more? Here's a preview of the new issue:

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Also included in issue 126...

news feature ifx issue 126

Freelance or Studio? Which is best for you? We help you decide whether going it alone or opting for studio work is the right way to go.

ifx issue 126 feature

We look at 10 captivating artists who work in black and white and monochrome to create truely compelling images that prove how technically proficiant working in greyscale can make you – and how limiting colour can create visually stunning art.

forest rogers 126 ifx

Delve into the portfolio of US based sculptress, Forest Rogers and allow yourself to be captivated by her beautifully dark works of art plucked straight from her imagination.

trad workshop ifx issue 126

One of many an artists' prefered ways to practise their approach to black and white is by using charcoal. Patrick J Jones explains how to use the traditional medium and improve your charcoal art.

If that's not enough, there is another nine hours of free pro video tuition and further tips and tricks to create art that inspires. Get your copy today.