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Smart site lets you track your digital property

The aim of ascribe is to create an ownership platform, allowing creators to register, track and transfer valuable digital work.

"We think all creators should have more control over their work and have the ability to get fairly compensated," explains founder Bruce Pon. "Digital art has been hampered because there wasn't a solution for artists where they could attribute their work and create scarcity."

"By solving these problems, artists can now sell unique, limited edition digital prints via marketplaces and galleries," he goes on to say.


Jonathan Monaghan's Mothership is tracked by ascribe

"Our registry helps collectors know they are buying authentic work. This will help generate secondary and re-sale markets for digital art, something that hasn't been possible until now."

Building ascribe was a technical and philosophical challenge. "By putting artists and creators at the center, we've built a service that truly serves their needs and sets the stage for the ecosystem to thrive,” says Bruce. But although it was a difficult process, he says "it is important for creators – and important for the future of the internet."

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