Speed Painting: 12 fantasy tutorials to try today

We rounded up the very best speed painting tutorials from our friends over at ImagineFX magazine. From zombie's to faeries and hands to hair, your creative fingers will be tapping away in no time!

Character Speed Painting

Speed painting a zombie

Shaun's fought them and you've blasted many in endless video games and now you can create your own very own zombie monstrosity. Patrick Reilly, who has worked with the likes of Disney and Coca-Cola, shows you how.

Character speed painting

Mathias Verhasselt has been drawing for almost 24 years and has worked with Sega, Sony and Microsoft. Here, he shows you how to create your very own dynamic fantasy character with a focus on light, composition and atmosphere.

Fantasy action

Digital fantasy painting

If you want to broaden your horizons and paint an entire fantasy scene, Robert Chang is your man. Here, he shows you how he created his most recent painting using Photoshop and Painter.

Portrait Speed Painting

To paint a half decent portrait with enough detail and refinement can be a tricky feat. Bill Corbett shows you how to cut down your painting time and still produce a beauty of portrait.

Speed painting action in Photoshop

Kirsi Salonen accompanies a step by step workshop featured in ImagineFX magazine issue 36. Focusing on brushes and gradients, this video shows you how to triumph an action-filled scene.

Getting the features right

Painting perfect skin

Skin tone can be really difficult to get right, so Marta Dahlig offers her advice on blending, colouring, brush usage and custom texturing.

Painting realistic hands

Painting hands has always been one of those difficult aspects that can make or break a creation. Here, Marta Dahlig steers you in the right direction using two golden rules.

Painting fantasy eyes

Katarina Sokolova explains how to get one of the most important features right, in this fantasy eyes tutorial.

Painting wavy hair

Realistic hair can really get you in a twist when conjuring up your latest character. Once again, Marta Dahlig shares her wisdom in creating gorgeous wavy hair.

A modern classic

Modern Classical painting

Despite endless technological advances, classical paintings will always impress. Marta Dahlig shows you how to inject an essence of classic beauty into your speed painting.

Painting a faerie scene

You can't dive into the fantasy world without a few faeries in tow. Have a look at this behind-the-scenes creation by Melanie Delon, featuring her enchantingly beautiful cover image for ImagineFX issue 23.

And finally...

Fantasy Dream in Photoshop

In this video, Min Yum shows you how to create a fantasy dream scene in Photoshop. What's more, you can download the workshop files, including Min's custom brushes for FREE here!

These tutorials were originally published in ImagineFX. Did you find them useful? Let us know in the comments box below!

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