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4,500 tech and creative courses

Your next job could be your dream job if you have the skills you need to get it. Pluralsight's eLearning courses will equip you with the abilities you need to get the career you've always wanted. Get a year of premium access for one year for just $299 (approx. £210).

Within Pluralsight's huge database of knowledge, you'll find over 4,500 courses on a wide variety of topics. These cutting-edge videos are packed with actionable information on everything from coding to project management and everything in between. For a full year, you'll have unlimited access to content that will get you ready to take the next step up the ladder of success.

A one-year subscription to Pluralsight e-learning courses usually retails for $499, but you can save 40% off. That means you'll pay just $299 (approx. £210) to improve your resume and further your career!