4 techniques to keep your tool at the top

Adobe illustration
(Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Technology loves the new: the hot new app, the startup, the disruptor. But that obsession with what's fresh sometimes blinds us to the advantages of mature technology and companies: a user base that’s familiar with your product, a feature set honed by years of iterations, the resources that come from running at a profit. The trick is to maximise the advantages of mature technology while scraping off the barnacles that have accumulated on your hull over the years.

As chief product officer at Adobe, it's a challenge myself and the rest of the Creative Cloud team face every day. We have advantages that most startups would give up a major round of funding for: millions of customers worldwide; a feature set that includes virtually everything creative professionals need; plugins and partnerships that extend our apps' effectiveness.

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Scott is Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President at Adobe.