5 online animation school alternatives


Schools that teach students the necessary 3D art skills to make it as a successful visual effects artist are a fantastic way to get into the industry. But just as digital art has shaken up the creative landscape, so to has the way it's taught. If traditional, physical schools are prohibitive or inaccessible, be sure to check out these 5 online training alternatives.

01. UArtsy: The online art school

Hollywood professionals instruct students at UArtsy

A subscription-based site offering video courses in everything from 3D production design to 3D printing, game design and illustration. This site stands out for the quality of its instructors – all are professionals working in Hollywood.

02. cmiVFX

cmiVFX is constantly updated on a weekly basis

This training site has nearly 40,000 members signing up to learn from online video courses that focus on VFX production for feature films. The site has weekly training courses from professionals in the film industry.

03. Lynda

Lynda covers character creation, environments and more

Get access to hundreds of professional visual effects, 3D and animation-based tutorials at online education company Lynda.

04. Eat 3D

EAT 3D is a veteran platform for game developers

Specialising in video training for game development, EAT 3D was one of the first sites to offer training for Unreal and has continued to be a go-to place for game development training. A mix of free video and paid-for content, EAT 3D is worth exploring.

05. 3D Training

3D Training's compressed courses pack a lot of learning into a short space of time

A US-based online production and consulting company, 3D Training provides specialised courses to meet the industry's growing demand for skilled 3D talent.

This article was originally published in 3D World magazine issue 208. Buy it here.