The best fantasy fonts for magic, monsters and mayhem

Image displaying how the Magic Ivy font can be applied
(Image credit: Anna Markovets)

When you’re designing within a genre, you need the right fonts at hand. Otherwise, you risk setting the wrong tone and/or leaving your audience confused. The fantasy genre in particular is one full of tropes and types and although these can seem limiting, sometimes it’s when you’re working within limits that the most creative ideas are born. While your creation might sit alongside and face comparison to Game of Thrones, Magic: The Gathering or The Legend of Zelda, originality is the aim so it’s important to have typefaces in your arsenal that evoke the right atmosphere while giving you scope to create something fresh.

To compile our list of 12 fantasy fonts, we’ve spoken to experienced designers in gaming and publishing. It’s a list we hope will give you new ideas, and there is certainly a great deal more to fantasy fonts than blackletter variants. A few of these sets are available as free fonts, and some are also within Adobe fonts so it’s worth checking.

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Garrick Webster

Garrick Webster is a freelance copywriter and branding specialist. He’s worked with major renewable energy companies such as Ecotricity and the Green Britain Group, and has helped develop award-winning branding and packaging for several distilleries in the UK, the US and Australia. He’s a former editor of Computer Arts magazine and has been writing about design, creativity and technology since 1995.