The best tourist board logos

Tourist board logos, including Fiji, Peru, Rotterdam, Spain, New York, Colombia, Belize and Bengal.
Grab your passport and let's go through these tourist board logos. (Image credit: Logos courtesy of respective tourist boards.)

Tourist boards play a vital role in inspiring travellers to visit their destination, whether they’re telling you about the hottest new festivals and bars, or working with celebrities, writers and influencers to spread the word. In order to stand out and represent their country, city or region, they need an eye-catching logo: something that fits the destination and feels modern. It then gets plastered over all kinds of promotional materials, from pens and memory sticks to t-shirts and posters. 

Sometimes, they firmly fit the trends of their launch period, perhaps having a distinct ‘iconic 80s logos’ feel, but other times they remain relevant for decades to come – see New York or Rotterdam for proof.

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Polly Allen
Freelance journalist and marketer

Polly Allen is a freelance journalist and marketer based in Bristol. She specialises in travel and lifestyle journalism, including art reviews. As a marketer, she has worked for the charity sector, the travel industry, the museum sector, and healthcare organisations.