5 steps to building a strong brand voice

brand voice: spotify
(Image credit: Spotify)

Brand voice can be a synonym for design-speak. If you open a set of brand guidelines and find the ‘brand voice’ or 'tone of voice' section (if there is one), chances are, you’re looking at one or two pages of broad, abstract principles – things like, 'We are HUMAN, STRAIGHTFORWARD, OPTIMISTIC and AUTHORITATIVE'. 

Each principle probably has a brief explanation. There may be some ‘We are/We are not’ lists. Perhaps even a few short examples of ‘correct’ copy. And usually, that’s about it. (If you want to see how it's done properly, then make sure to check our favourite style guides.)

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Mike has been writing for brands since 1993, and founded Reed Words in 2013. Combining style with strategic depth, the team works with clients and consultancies around the world on brand voice, naming, campaigns, UX and other projects.