Creating fuzzy textures: 4 top tips

Fuzzy materials can be used for carpet, grass, clothing, both facial and body hair, fur and many other assets that you will need to create a scene or a character. I will walk through my methods of making fuzzy 3d art materials on one of the stylised characters that I created (with character concept art by Julia Sarda). This character is an old villain and his hair and clothes are dirty and scruffy.

There are many different approaches to creating a fuzzy material, but in this case I used Maya 2015’s Shave and a Haircut, and V-Ray. For part of the project, I used V-Ray because it has one of the best and fastest procedural fur plug-ins, however, it has its limitations. The fur is only generated during render time and is not actually present in the scene, meaning it can be hard to visuallise how it’s going to look.

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Aybars Turan is a character and creature artist who uses his fine art background to imbue his sculpts with life and realism. He works at Tesla Motors as a senior concept modeller.