Use particles to create a 3D splash

This tutorial will take a look at how you can make a liquid splash, or crown effect, and can be used to make splashes out of water, milk, paint or any liquid. You may have seen this type of effect on the internet, as part of an advert or in real life, when you drop an object into liquid.

Various software and plug-ins can help us achieve the liquid effect, including RealFlow, 3ds Max’s Phoenix FD plug-in, Maya, Houdini and Cinema 4D. However, many big VFX and animation studios use RealFlow in their pipeline as this software is well established, trustworthy and, most importantly, user friendly. There are different techniques you can use to make this effect in RealFlow, including standard Hybrido or Dyverso particles, but for this project we are going to use standard particles.

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Vikrant J Dalal has nine years of experience in VFX and graphic design. His VFX studio, Project.01 Design Studio, provides VFX, graphic design, 3D architectural visualization and tutorial services.