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Download files for 3D World 213

 To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 213, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.

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 Free! 6-hour Houdini video course 

This issue, we’ve joined forces with Pluralsight (formerly known as Digital-Tutors) to offer you a comprehensive six-hour video training course.

This course is designed to teach you the workflow to create completely procedural setups that are both robust and controllable.

You will learn how to create sophisticated setups that are required to achieve a completely procedural sticky slime system.

First, you will learn to utilise Wrangle nodes extensively with VEX scripting to create a dynamic Sticky Constraint Solver that will be the driving force behind the whole system. In addition to the Sticky Constraint Solver, you will learn how Wrangle nodes can be used inside a DOP Network to control a Position-Based Dynamics Solver, otherwise known as the Grain Solver.

Download your files here (100MB)

Download video section 1 here (586MB)

Download video section 2 here (306MB)

Download video section 3 here (306MB)

Download video section 4 here (91MB)

Download video section 5 here (287MB)

Download video section 6 here (74MB)

Download video section 7 here (163MB)

Showcase: various artists

Get more from this issue’s artist Showcase by downloading concepts, work-in-progress art and more to see how the amazing artwork was created.

Download your files here (13MB)

Feature: Real-time cinematics

Discover how Epic Games and Ninja Theory are changing the way film and game CG is made, with the advancement in real-time cinematography. Download Ninja Theory’s making of videos to see there process in action.

 Download your videos here (6GB) 

Feature: Making of Interceptor

Mikalai Dzemiantsevich explains how he created the mech for his own video game project. Download his step-by-step images to get closer to his concept process.

Download your files here (16MB)

Tutorial: Render a windy beach house scene

Aqil Ashirov demonstrates his process for mastering authentic looking environments, download his step-by-step art to follow his render settings.

Download your files here (625MB)

Tutorial: Polish your workflow with Arnold for Maya

Zeno Pelgrims discusses the techniques he likes to use when creating cartoon scenes using Arnold for Maya. Follow his tutorial with the hi-res step-by-step art as well as his video guide to creating procedural dirt.

Download your files here (22MB)

Download your video here (25MB)

Tutorial: Get more from Maya’s modelling tools

Antony Ward puts Maya’s updated modelling tools to the test as he builds a detailed steampunk-inspired portrait. Download his video walkthrough, scene files and step-by-step images to follow his workflow.

Download your files here (44MB)

Download your video here (330MB)

Tutorial: Use particles to create a splash

Vikrant J Dalal shares his tips and tricks to make this liquid splash using Realflow and 3ds Max. Download his hi-res step-by-step art as well as his video walkthrough.

Download your files here (9.8MB)

Download your video here (94MB)

Tutorial: Finesse your modelling process

Algerian freelance artist Mahmoud Amghar urges you to try different techniques to enhance your modelling process, and he reveals the tricks to mixing ZBrush and 3ds Max.

Download your files here (48MB)

Download your video here (684MB)

Tutorial: Get started in Lumberyard: Part 2 Terrain setup

Part two of Cirstyn Bech-Yagher’s game creation series explains how to block out and generate terrain for a video game level using Amazon’s new Lumberyard game engine.

Download your files here (330MB)

Artist Q&A: Various artists

This issue our artists tackle creating fuzzy materials in Maya, leather in V-Ray and modelling cartoon faces in ZBrush. Download the process images to follow along to there workflows.

Download your files here (160MB)

Ian Dean is Art and Design Channel Editor at Creative Bloq. Ian is the former editor of many leading magazines, including digital art focused ImagineFX magazine and leading video game title Official PlayStation Magazine. With over 25 years' experience in both print and online journalism, Ian has worked on many leading video game and digital art brands. With a passion for video games and art, Ian combines his loves to bring the latest news on NFTs, video game art and tech, and more to Creative Bloq. In his spare time he doodles in Corel Painter, ArtRage, and Rebelle while finding time to play Xbox and PS5.